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The house and the terrace


The terrace with the magnificent views is the heart of the property

It is easy to relax under the Tuscan sun.

The architecture is typical Italian

Inside the house

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Would you like a glass of wine to that sunset?

It is easy to enjoy supper in the dining room.

The kitchen has soul and character.

Everything you need to be your own chef in Tuscany is to be found in the kitchen.

Throughout the centuries monks and others have walked the steps in the house.

The bathroom.

The bedroom on the second floor is the most spacious one.

The larger bedroom on the third floor.

The smaller bedroom on the third floor.

Vico Pancellorum

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Signora Tolari dries clothes in front of the parish church of San Paolo.

The grapevines in Via Cella make a beautiful picture.

The Coccia river runs below the property.

During summer the streets and piazzas of Vico Pancellorum frequently transform to concert and art exhibition venues.

Swimming in the Lima river is a pleasant experience.

Kate, Giovanna, Enrico og Luisa provide lovely, Tuscan food and wine in Vico Pancellorum's authentic restaurant, Buca di Baldabo.

Signora Barsanti's flowers along the road to the smallest church of Vico Pancellorum.

Vico Pancellorum.

Grapevines and the church tower in Vico Pancellorum.

Dante, the dog, strolling in Vico Pancellorum.

San Paolo, the patron saint of Vico Pancellorum, has his own piazza.

In case you find the grocery shop's door closed, simply ring the bell.

Always cheerful Luisa works at Vico Pancellorum's restaurant. She also takes good care of our tenants.


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The Devil's bridge, Ponte del Diavolo, has a fascinating history.

Bagni di Lucca still has a distinct scent of elegance.

Jump in the termal water pools in Bagni di Lucca.

The spa facilities in Bagni di Lucca has a history as the meetingplace for Europe's cultural elite.

Abetone. Not many others than the Italians know Tuscany as an excellent winter destination.

The cafes and restaurants in Tuscany are in a league of their own.

Viareggio's beach.

Nowadays there are more bicycles than gladiators on the Piazza del Anfiteatro in Lucca.

Lucca has to be one of the most attractive of Italy's many wonderful cities.

Heavenly light over Lucca's Chiesa di San Michele.

This lady is often to be seen from the top of Lucca's city walls.

Vernazza seen from the path between the villages in the Cinque Terre.

The dukes of Florence did not like strolling amongst commoners on their way to work in today's Uffizi galleries. Therefore they built a corridor beyond Ponte Vecchio.

Michelangelo's David is the world's most famous sculpture.

Henrik Ibsen often had his morning coffee at Rivoire in Florence.

The leaning tower of Pisa is also fascinating seen from the inside.

Tuscan scenery har inspired and seduced people for centuries. It is not difficult to understand why.

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