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 Runar J. S. Glørud
We have rented our house since 2000 with positive experiences. At first we were somewhat sceptical renting out our private property. How would the tenants treat our favourite place? However it soon was proved that people wanting to spend their holiday here are all nice and decent.

Our guests have given us almost entirely positive feedback. This is very important to us, and we are genuinly conserned about our tenants having a successful stay. Therefore we endavour to inform thoroughly about our property. To spend a holiday here can not be compared with vacations on more traditional tourist destiantions. It is important to know what to expect.

Some feedback from previous tenants:

What a wonderful place you've got! We have been fully enjoying two wonderful weeks, and would love to come back! Anders with family and friends.
This turned out even better than expected. It was difficult to imagine the place in advance, and the positive surprise made this an extra ordinary successful vacation. We felt at home immediately, and we have diligently used the house and the terrace. Please forward our grattitude to Luisa for great food and service! Helena, Cathrine, Marit, Elisabeth, Siri and Guro.
How much do you want for the place? ;) Anna og Kristoffer.
We planned on merely sleeping in the house, but ended up staying "home" several days. Relaxing on the terrace provided us with the right holiday feeling, and it was wonderful and different to cool down in the river while listening to the sound of the running water and the gentle breeze moving the leaves of the trees. I'd say we've become true enthusiasts about taking baths in rivers! And the food, wine air and the people.. Overall we have had an amazing holiday! Mette and Torfinn, Kjellaug and Amund + 3 children.
The fact that the property is situated somewhat off the tourist trails made it perfect. We concluded it was wonderful to visit the wonders of Tuscany, and even better to return to Vico. The terrace's steep surroundings were easily ”fixed” by using the portable net you mentioned. We will never forget the evenings in the restaurant and on the terrace. We let candles and stayed out till way too late. Hedda with family and friends with family.
What a prime destination for a winter holiday. We went skiing one day, and watched Fiorentina at Campo Marte in Florence in T-shirts the next. Excellent skiing conditions in Abetone, and almost spring in the lower areas. We find it truly strange that Tuscany is not better known also as a winter destination. .Petter, Frode, Edward, Marius og Johannes


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