Romans and Ravioli -
Vico Pancellorum

The small village of Vico Pancellorum is typically Tuscan. The houses are built along the steep hillside that leads to one of the taller mountains in Tuscany. Beautiful houses, small piazzas, narrow alleys and fascinating works of art are characteristic features of the village. Vico Pancellorum has two catholic churches from the medieval ages and a great restaurant.

With its array of well-prepared dishes, the Buca di Baldabo draws large crowds from the nearby villages. You will enjoy the creative cuisine of the chef, and also gifted sommelier, Luisa. The menu is open for alterations as the owner, Giovanna, welcomes requests providing you inform the staff well in advance.

As an alternative to the Buca di Baldabo, the beloved locals, Monica and Agustino offers splendid aperitivo and restaurant experiences in their own, beautiful home.


in Vico Pancellorum:

Experience an inspiring wine tasting with Vico Pancellorum’s
gifted sommelier Luisa.

Go swimming in the Lima river. The idyllic waters are surrounded by green hills and majestetic trees. With a towel on your shoulders, the walk from the house takes approx. 30 minutes on the ancient Roman road. (5 minutes by car)

Discover the Coccia river close to the house with its beautiful bridge and the ruins around.

Ask Monica and Agustino to provide lunch, dinner or an aperitivo
in their beautiful garden

Ask the restaurant hosts to prepare a characteristic 3-4 course meal. What about wild boar as main dish?

Be inspired by the many works of arts generously spread out
in the beautiful streets and piazzas of Vico Pancellorum

Go hiking in the area. What about a lunch walk to the
Ristorante da Marina in neighbouring Casoli?


Stroll along the antique, Roman road, La Cornice.
En route a rather unknown treasure awaits.

Explore the Roman ruins and the beautiful walk to
Croce di Castello.

Sign the book on top of Balzo Nero.

Experience the lights in the Vico Pancellorum’s beautiful
cemetery in the evening.

River Lima 3
Mon Luisa
Waterfall 2
Cannyon Park 4
Vico Village 2
Buca Food 2
River people


the surrounding

Visit Lucchio or one of the other villages close by.
The ruins from Lucchio's old fort is the perfect location for
a lazy picnic with a view.


Zip-lining, gorge walking or rafting in the Lima valley;



Guided tours with the Vico Pancellorum based tour guides
Paolo and Ambra




Spa or outdoor swimming in Bagni di Lucca. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100094370846030


Explore Serchio-valley with Grotta del Vento
(The wind's cave) and Barga.


See Lucca from the bicycle seat on the top of the city walls.


Experience Puccini's world famous operas in the composer's home city, Lucca. There are numerous theatres and venues, and the tourist office of Lucca will help you choose.


A selection of our favourite,
local restaurants

Buca di Baldabo, Vico Pancellorum

Monica and Agustino’s home restaurant, Vico Pancellorum

Ristorante da Marina, Casoli

Ristorante Circolo dei Forestieri, Bagni di Lucca

Ristorante al albergo Corona, Bagni di Lucca

Pizzeria Il Pippo, Bagni di Lucca

Le Dogane, Popiglio

Il Fagiolino, Cutigliano

Lucca 2
Bagni 2-2

In Vico Pancellorum you will find that the rest of Tuscany is within a comfortable distance. You can reach most of the places that make Tuscany so unique within one hour or two. To mention a few; Florence, Pisa, Lucca and the beautiful beach in Versilla. If a visit to Siena, Cortona, San Gimignano, Arezzo, Chianti or Cinque Terre is on the agenda, you can reach all these places in 2-3 hours. Considering Italy’s extensive network of roads and freeways, Rome, Venice, Milan and Monaco are actually no further than 4-5 hours away.

In Abetone, situated approx. 25 km from Vico Pancellorum, you find a large winter sports centre.
The centre provides its visitors with a selection of 30 lifts, several of which are gondolas. The season lasts from the beginning of December to the middle of April.


Spa, ski, sea or Siena?
The surrounding areas
and Tuscany

The nearest sizeable village (approx. 12 km away) is the beautiful Bagni di Lucca, which was one of the most prominent and prestigious health spa locations for distinguished Europeans during the 18th and 19th centuries. In today’s modern spa establishment, Terme, the health spa culture is still very much alive. You will also find nice outdoor swimming pool facilities surrounded by beautiful Tuscan nature. Bagni di Lucca also offers several other activities, i.e. several tennis courts. Banks, post offices, supermarkets and a range of cafes and restaurants are also to be found in the village.

The Garfagnana and Val di Lima region is, thus far, one of the least explored tourist areas of Tuscany. Those who are well familiar with Tuscany, characterize this region as the best of the genuine Tuscany. Representing one of the regions many prides, the city Barga is worth mentioning. With its many music festivals, its rich history and cultural heritage the city is well worth a visit.